Links to keep track of

Badgett's Coffee eJournal
Birdwatch (Mexico)
Blog Latin

The Charlock's Shade
Classics in Contemporary Culture

The Discouraging Word (US)
Flying Fur
Hobby Blog
Insect Blog (OK, US)
James Hamilton
Language Hat
Language Log
Laputan Logic
Laudator Temporis Acti (MN, US)
Maps and Territories
Mandarin Design Daily (CA, US)

The Panda's Thumb
Passionate About History

The Reading Experience
Semantic Compositions (CA, US)
Tenser, said the Tensor

More Links

2 Blowhards (US)
About Last Night (NY, US)
Alan Little
Bill Peschel
Blindheit: clarity is overrated
Bookish Gardener (WI, US)
Brian's Culture Blog (UK)
Byzantium's Shores (US)

Chromatic Musings
Cold Ground
Creative Generalist
D.F. Moore (GA, US)
A Dog's Life

Erik's Rants and Recipes (CA, US)
February 30th
Finches Wings
Frizzy Logic
The Forager
Ghost of a Flea
Household Opera
Impenetrable Prose and Poesy (OH, US)
In Principio Erat Verbum
Julie VW
Mischievious Constructions
Muck and Mystery
Musings From the Doc
Northwest Notes (US)
Notes From an Eclectic Mind (US)

Older and Growing
Outer Life (US)
Out of Lascaux (US)
Overflow (TX, US)
Patum Peperium (US)
Pepper of the Earth (NY, US)

The Rambler (UK)
Random (but not really) (WV, US)
The Russian Dilettante

This Public Address
The View From the Foothills
Watermark (US)
Where Worlds Collide

More Links

Aegean Disclosure (Turkey)
All AgitProp, all the time (Canada)
The Anger of Compassion (US)
Armed and Dangerous (US)
A Voyage to Arcturus

Baldilocks (US)
Bates Line (OK, US)
Bear Left On Unnamed Road
beSpacific (US)
Booker Rising (US) (US)

Caerdroia (TX, US)
Captain Yips
Cerdipidy (Canada)
Cinemocracy (US)
Classical Values
Copyfight (US)
Crumb Trail
Cutting to the Chase (OK, US)

D.C. Thornton
The Dead Parrot Society
Dislogue (US)
Dr. Weevil
Electric Venom

Farm Accident Digest
A Fistful of Euros
Fragmenta Philosophica
Freedom to Tinker
Free Speech
Fresh Bilge
G'Day Mate (Australia)
Gullibility Isn't in the Dictionary
Heretical Ideas (US)
Horologium (US)
Highered Intelligence (US)
Hyscience (US)
Iberian Notes (Spain)
Indepundit (Lt. Smash) (US)
Is That Legal? (NC, US)
It's a Matter of Opinion (Australia)

The Llama Butchers
Mainstream Baptist (OK, US)
Michael J. Totten (US)
Neeka's Backlog (Ukraine)
Not a Fish (Israel)

Odd Quanta (US)
Okiedoke (OK, US)
Oscar Jr. Was Here (US)
Photon Courier
Pondblog (US)
Progressive Reaction (US)

Religion News Blog
Sasha Castel (US)
Serenity's Journal
Simon World (Hong Kong)
Still Eggplant... forever more (CA, US)
Science Blog

Tongue Tied (US)
Timbuktu Chronicles
Travelling Shoes
Two Brain Cells (US)
The Village Gate
War Liberal (US)
Whomping Willow (CO, US)
World Changing (International)
2Slick's Forum (U.S. Military, Iraq)
Between Hope and Fear (CA, US)
Blue Cicada
Captain's Quarters
Cato the Youngest (OK, US)
Common Sense and Wonder
Cox and Forkum
Crossroads Arabia (Saudi Arabia)

David's Medienkritik (Germany)
Dissecting Leftism
Eject! Eject! Eject! (US)
Eleven Day Empire (VA, US)
Exit Zero (US)
Free Iraqi (Iraq)

Guardian WatchBlog
Healing Iraq (Iraq)
Hello From the Land of the Pharaohs Egypt
In Context (US)
Instapundit (US)
Iraq at a Glance (Iraq)
Iraq Now (US Military, Iraq)
Iraq the Model (Iraq)
The Long View (US)
The Mesopotamian (Iraq)
Middle East and Morality
The Moderate Voice
mostly AFRICA
North Sea Diaries (Europe)
On the Third Hand
Oh, That Liberal Media! (US)

The Passion of the Present (Sudan)
Pejmanesque (US)
Pious Agnostic (US)
Porphyrogenitus (US)
The Questing Cat (Iraq/US)

Regnum Crusis
The Rostra (MN, US)
Sgt. Hook (U.S. Military, Afghanistan)
Sgt. Stryker
Terrorism Unveiled
Tonecluster (US)
Virtually Islamic
Winds of Change
Accidental Verbosity (US)
Ambient Irony
Andrea Harris (FL, US)
Armenian Life
Astonished Head

Bad Example (WI, US)
Beginner's Mind
The Blog Eclectic
Bread and Roses (CA, US)
Bread, Coffee, Chocolate, Yoga (NY, US)
BrykMantra (TX, US)

The Cheese Stands Alone (US)
Cold Ground
Dustbury (OK, US)
Fragments From Floyd (VA, US)
Freedom Lives (TX, US)

Ghost of a Flea
The Hatemonger's Quarterly
Ilyka Damen
Incoherant Ramblings (WA, US)
In Passing (Malaysia)
Intricate Plot (US)
Journey Never Ends (India)
Lip Schtick (OK, US)
Nabil's Blog (Iraq)
Parking Lot (Canada)
Peeve Farm (US)
Plum Crazy
The Program Witch Pages (OK, US)

Read My Lips (TX, US)
Red Wheelbarrow (US)
Res Ipsa Loquitur (AR, US)
Return of the Ghost of Ferro Lad
Rocket Jones
Roscoe Ellis (TX, US)

Sanity's Edge (US)
Somewhere Over the Rainbough (US)
A Sort of Notebook (NC, US)
So Weird Productions
Suburban Blight (GA, US)

Texas Best Grok (TX, US)
Tightly Wound (NC, US)
Tim Boucher: Occult Investigator
The Truth Laid Bear (US)

Uncle Jazzbeau's Gallimaufrey
Under the Sun
What Was I Thinking?
World Wide Rant (US)